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Mental Coaching for
the competitive golfer.

For juniors, amateurs, college players, and professionals.

Foundations Mental Performance exists to help people improve their minds, and therefore improve their performance on the golf course.


Working from science- and evidence-based knowledge, Foundations offers mental coaching and psychological guidance to golfers of all skill levels, from junior golfers all the way up to the professional ranks.

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Learn your mental strengths
and weaknesses. 
For free.

The Mental Game Assessment has accumulated over 50,000 data points from players all over the world. Take the free, private, highly-valued assessment now.


Coaching with a priority
on communication.

I know how it feels to be a player who needs to just talk something through.  That’s why I prioritize texting and email correspondence with every player I work with.

“My mental game significantly improved over the course of the year. I would say that my acceptance and ability to stay present improved the most out of all of the topics. I really learned to not put any more or any less pressure on a single shot - they all have the same value. This really helped me deal with any nerves, and it showed at European Q School - I had nerves, but I was able to put them in perspective and stay present.”

- Pro Golfer

“I did so much better today!!! I definitely had my emotions more under control. There were a couple of times where I could have gotten really upset but I stayed in control.”

- Junior Golfer

Player: “Usually I get pissed and give up but I had fun.”

Me: “Why do you think that is?”

Player: “Because I accepted more.”

– College Golfer

Meet your coach

"After playing competitive golf for 15 years and ultimately reaching the highest levels of amateur golf, I decided that I had a strong desire to help players improve the way I was able to. My improvement came from working with Robert Linville at Precision Golf School, and through that relationship we decided that I would be able to help golfers overcome the same hurdles I did, with a specific focus on the mental game.


So I built Foundations Mental Performance as my way of helping players work on what I think is the most foundational part of the game: the mental, emotional, and psychological parts of golf. I now spend my weeks running Foundations Mental Performance, hosting The Mental Golf Show, and coaching for Precision Golf School, working with players all across the globe."

Josh Nichols

Owner, Foundations Mental Performance

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